Hi friends!

As most of you know, I am moving to Tokyo to work at the Tokyo Disney Resort. I will be a singer in their country-western show, The Diamond Horseshoe Revue! I play Slue Foot Sue, the emcee of the show. Working for Disney has been a dream of mine for a very long time, so this is absolutely amazing.

While I’m not working, I plan to travel and explore Japan and attempt to learn the language. I want to remember these experiences, so I decided to chronicle them for myself in this blog. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to leave comments or e-mail me! katieanneobrien@gmail.com

Thanks for reading!

~Katie O


3 Responses to About

  1. Aunt Linda says:

    Your blog is FANTASMIC!!!!! Can’t tell from the pictures that you are loving every minute (ha!ha!). Love, Aunt Linda

  2. Lennie Price says:

    Hi Katie, We’re so glad you’re OK. Becca called asking about you. She & Curtis are in Honolulu for a week, and a wedding today. They were not too concerned about the impending tsunami but went to higher ground, the groom’s house just to be safe. I just read your entire blog and love your report and pics of your new experience in Japan. Stay safe. Look forward to hearing more from you. We’re going to see your great grandma tomorrow so will share your post with her. Love, Uncle Carl & Aunt Lennie

  3. tingguian says:

    stumbled upon your blog by searching for disney things 🙂 i’m super jealous you’ve been to all the disney parks! it’s a goal of mine as well.

    looks like youre having lots of fun (minus what happened to your foot).


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