My New 30 Day Challenge…

… is really hard. Working out is hard. This challenge is 3-fold. Every day I will do the P90X “Ab ripper” 15 minute video and eat a piece of fruit. I will also do my “Biggest Loser: Boot Camp” DVD 5 times a week. I have done all 3 of those things today and I’m tired. Like, really tired.

I had done the Boot Camp DVD a lot in Tokyo and it is hard but manageable. I had not, however, attempted the Ab Ripper video until today. I have never felt so inadequate in all my life. If you haven’t heard of P90X, it is an evil workout plan which is supposed to make you real skinny. I knew it was going to be hard. I didn’t think it was going to kill me. And I’m not even doing the full thing! Just the abs! Holy hell. It is so hard. And I feel like shit because I can’t even do some of the moves! I’m that weak. Yikes. My roommate, Steven, gave me the video and he said it was hard and miserable for him (if you’ve seen my blog about him you’ll know he is muscley and gorgeous), so I never should have thought it was possible for me. But today is only day 1. Ugh, I guess it can only get easier. Steven even made me take a “before” picture today which I am not too happy about. I doubt it will ever be made public, but maybe if by some miracle I look really great in 30 days and want to show you what a heffer I am/was, maaaaybe I’ll post it later.

After I was done working out, I made myself a pasta dinner. Steven then lovingly told me I shouldn’t eat pasta and think it’s healthy. I had initially decided I wasn’t going to change my diet this month; one step at a time. But I’ve decided to try. So starting tomorrow, I’m going to buy vegetables (I heard the audible gasps if you know me) and cook some of his chicken and attempt to prepare a healthy, enjoyable meal. Who knows if that will happen, but I need to get there. I eat like a 500 pound man and I’ve just been lucky so far, but I need to change. I’m only holding myself to the working out and adding 1 fruit every day for my challenge, but I’m going to try to integrate healthy food into my life as well.

This is hard. Can I go back to my blogging challenge?

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One Response to My New 30 Day Challenge…

  1. Aunt Julie says:

    I am impressed your doing P90X I hear if is insane! I did laugh so loud about the vegetables that people at work thought I was crazy.

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