Day 30! Ljubljana, Slovenia

I made it! I completed my first 30 day challenge of blogging every day! I’m proud of myself. I have my next 2 30 day challenges planned as well: next up I’ll be working out every day and in May I’ll be learning French! I bought Rosetta Stone levels 1-3 on Groupon and I’m really excited! I took French for 3 years in high school and used to be good at it, so I think it’s plausible for me to learn it again. But before I get ahead of myself, I still have one more blog to attend to.

I absolutely loved Ljubljana (pronounced lee-oo-blee-ahnah). DSCF2827I stored my bag in a locker and once again followed Rick Steves’ tour of the city. This was the walk to the main square.DSCF2830When I first got to the main square I initially wasn’t blown away. I had seen a ton of squares. It was nice, but not stunning. Then I read my ever-wonderful guide book’s description and the details about everything made it so interesting. I completely wouldn’t have given it a second thought without the book. At the beginning of my trip I thought I needed tours of cities in order to fully appreciate them. Wrong! I just needed a good guide book.DSCF2835DSCF2837When I was done with the square I crossed the very cool Triple Bridge to where 5 musicians were playing and singing gorgeous harmonies in front of the street market.DSCF2838Approaching the street market.DSCF2840I thought this market would be like every other kitschy tourist trap, but it wasn’t. Every stand was all hand-made souvenirs. I was very over the typical shit so this was so nice.DSCF2843DSCF2842I loved that. Words to live by on a coaster.DSCF2844I walked the whole market before going back to the designed glass I saw first. I got a pretty tea light holder that said Slovenia on it and it’s still on my desk now. And it was only 2 euros! Maybe I also liked it there because it was back to euros.DSCF2845 DSCF2850The second half of the market was fresh fruit which looked great except for all of the bees. Now I know why they sell so much honey here. Gross.DSCF2856Then I found my favorite thing ever. Thank you again to Rick Steves for pointing this out. It is a milk vending machine!! It is connected directly to a farm that provides fresh, raw cow milk! And it’s only 1 euro per liter! It was the best milk I had ever tasted and it was so cold and refreshing. I was so happy. DSCF2861After I got mine, it became wildly popular. I’m such a trend-setter.DSCF2857Cheese from a vending machine, however? No, thank you.DSCF2864Then there was a pretty flower market.DSCF2866DSCF2868Dragon BridgeDSCF2870Old Town Square. I was enjoying it here more and more.DSCF2873This is a bank.DSCF2882 DSCF2883Cobbler’s Bridge.DSCF2887I think one of my favorite things about the day was that I wasn’t in a rush and had no real expectations. I had 8 hours here and figured if I missed something I’d never know any better. But according to my book I don’t think I missed anything big. After walking around a bit more I came back to this spot to journal.DSCF2895As I was walking, I saw a restaurant giving away free samples. It was that yellow stand on the right.DSCF2897They were giving samples of a traditional Slovenian food called Idrija zlikrofi. It was basically tortellini with potato filling and it was so good. Between the liter of milk and the pasta, I was pretty full for very little money.

DSCF2899Next I hiked up the big hill to the castle. I could have taken the funicular but we all know I’m too cheap for that.  This was half way up.DSCF2901DSCF2905 DSCF2906I relented and paid the 3 euros to watch a silly movie about the history of the castle and go up to the top viewing platform. DSCF2916It was pretty up there with the Alps in the background.DSCF2921DSCF2917I was about to leave when I decided I’d just pop in to look at the chapel (I was pretty much over churches). In the chapel was a calligrapher who was in love with me. After asking where I was from he said the super slick pick-up line, “Oh, I thought you were from Heaven.” Wow. He made these little bookmarks for donations. I thought they actually looked really neat, so I asked for one. After finishing it, he decided to just make me another with the same font as the Book of Kells. That’s very nice of you, dude, but I only have 2 euros left so that’s all you’re getting. Then he asked me if I had a sister who would want one. I already told him I didn’t have money left and he said, “For you – free.” Alright, fine. So I got my mom and Maddie one. Pretty cool souvenirs for only 2 euros.DSCF2930Once I was done with the castle, I strolled around, sat and wrote in my journal, and enjoyed the afternoon.DSCF2933The gays are alive and well in Ljubljana.DSCF2935That’s a corn stand on the left! Is it a coincidence that my favorite cities all have corn stands in them? I think not.DSCF2941A walk back through the first square. I also picked up some groceries here before I headed to my train for Zurich. Everything I had ever heard about Switzerland said it was very expensive, so my goal was to buy as little food there as possible.DSCF2943I saw this on a train pulling into the station. “All good things are wild and free.” Who knew graffiti on a train would be so inspiring? I looked it up later and saw that it was a Henry David Thoreau quote.

What a wonderful day in a country I had known nothing about before visiting. It was a perfect day getaway. And don’t you fret, Monsieur Marius, I’ll keep blogging even though my 30 day challenge is over. I have a lot of beautiful Switzerland and skydiving pictures to post. I am excited to have these challenges now. Sure enough just like the video said, those 30 days passed either way, but now I have 30 blogs to show for it.

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