Lausanne and Montreux, Switzerland

The best way to sum up Switzerland is by saying it is a postcard. Everything you see in Switzerland could be and probably is a postcard. It is so beautiful you start to doubt if it’s even real. Needless to say, I took a hundred thousand pictures of Switzerland. I have done my best editing down to only the really pretty ones of all the pretty pictures.DSCF2946This was on the overnight train from Ljubljana into Zurich. This was my last and best overnight train experience. It was all girls in my cabin and everyone got on and off at the same stops – no annoying guys getting on in the middle of the night. Also, I was so tired by this point that I slept really well.DSCF2947DSCF2952 DSCF2954My train from Zurich to Lausanne. Everything is fancy in Switzerland.DSCF2965My first peek at Lake Geneva.DSCF2967I wish it was a clearer day, but it was still pretty.DSCF2969Their claim to fame: the Olympics. I did not go into the museum.DSCF2973 DSCF2977I didn’t go to France this trip, but I looked at it!DSCF2981If I was an old person I’d camp out here all day too.DSCF2984 DSCF3003Me and a swan hanging out at Lake Geneva. It’s a rough life, I tell ya!DSCF3006Pretty much every caption can be, “It’s real pretty here.”DSCF3009Swiss Francs are so colorful. Also, if I was posing for a picture that was to be placed on my country’s money, I would smile. Be happy! You’re the face of the 100!DSCF3022I took a train to the nearby town of Montreux. Still on Lake Geneva, so there’s not much change in the scenery. ChateuChillonChateu Chillon. Full disclosure: this is not my picture. Unfortunately it did not suddenly become sunny.DSCF3035There’s my version. A bit dreary. DSCF3037 DSCF3044It was glorious to be back in cool weather again as well.DSCF3046DSCF3048

DSCF3050 DSCF3055I love any city that has a Freddie Mercury statue and Freddie Mercury Memorial Day. He had a recording studio in Montreux where he wrote and recorded his last songs.DSCF3057 DSCF3059Such a creepy mime. His basket was empty.DSCF3060So pretty and colorful.DSCF3062My last shot of Montreux before I headed to my amazing Golden Pass panoramic train to Lucerne. My Switzerland adventures were just beginning!


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One Response to Lausanne and Montreux, Switzerland

  1. lungiswaz says:

    love the colour of your scarf, it brightens up the grey pictures 🙂

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