A Night at Yankee Stadium

I have been eagerly awaiting baseball season and missing the Red Sox. Last season they were just atrocious so they can only go up from here. It was glorious news when they handed the Yankees their first Opening Day home loss since 1982! They were starting out on the right foot. I couldn’t go to Opening Day because of an audition, but I was very excited when my friend Kara said she’d go with me to their second game of the season last night!575674_685964461266_363293229_nI have never been to the new-ish Yankee Stadium, only the old stadium back in 2001 for the World Series against the Diamondbacks. I was excited to see their new home.DSCF4197I admit, it was very pretty in there.DSCF4199We got there nice and early and took a stroll around the park before it started.DSCF4200This stadium is huge. They have room for a food court! The stadium is really nice and spacious, but it’s very institutionalized. It just doesn’t have the history or feel of the old, smaller park. Clearly Fenway Park is better in almost every way… except when you want to leave and have no room to walk. Who cares? It’s worth it.DSCF4201We were hoping they’d have fried dough! We were planning on getting it later, but ended up being so frozen we didn’t even want food. Shocking!DSCF4202Sushi. They sell sushi. Made by a Japanese man in a Yankee hat.DSCF4204They sell Pepsi. Another reason they suck. We were so disappointed. DSCF4203Go Sox! I love baseball and will likely go to more Yankee games this season, but I’m so happy my first one got to be against Boston.DSCF4205 DSCF4206Zoomed out view from our seats. There were some Red Sox fans around us and it was really fun up there.IMG_0423Footlong Nathan’s hotdogs. A classic. Too bad I couldn’t have a soda with it. Damn you, Pepsi!IMG_0424So happy and so cold. It was 37 degrees and felt like 28. Yikes.IMG_0425The Red Sox were winning 6-0 in the 3rd inning and people left immediately. Time to move down to better seats!DSCF4210They must be so cold and miserable.DSCF4209Happily singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” in our empty section.DSCF4215It’s my boyfriend! He did so well last night.DSCF4220We moved eeeeven closer for the 8th and 9th innings. It was real nice. DSCF4224I was so sad to see Youk in pinstripes. He is one of my favorites.DSCF4227And the Red Sox won 7-4!! Yaaaayy! Here’s hoping they can sweep the series tonight!

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