Day 21: My Star Turn!

I was on my couch after a dance audition starting my blog yesterday when I got a text from my friend Sam. He asked me if I was free immediately to be an extra in a TV pilot he was wardrobe supervising. He said all the girls had bailed and they needed “hot, sassy ladies” for a party scene… right then. I actually had plans with friends, but it sounded really fun and I knew they’d understand. There’s never a dull moment with Sam. He is a dresser and costume designer and has worked on several Broadway shows. He will randomly need a favor every now and then and I’m happy to help. He gave me directions and I was on my way in about 15 minutes.

It was really strange to walk into a huuuge apartment where they were filming knowing absolutely nothing about what I was doing. The director gave me a hug he was so relieved and grateful I was there. Nice! I ran in a room with Sam who quickly changed me and gave me fancy accessories and off I went. They gave me a Sam Addams (which was cold and I got to drink!) and I was immediately in the background of my very first film adventure. That one was really quick and then I got to sit down with Sam and 2 people who ended up being leads of the show. Sam told me it was an independent pilot called “Scott Free” starring many Broadway famous people. Those Broadway actors weren’t in this scene, but it sounds pretty funny.

While we were sitting chatting, the writer comes in and tells me I have a line! I jokingly said, “Oo am I SAG now?!” Everyone laughed and she opened the script to my line.IMG_0397There I am: Model #1. And my big line, “WeOFwa”. What the hell? The scenario is: Scott is at Heather’s party he wasn’t invited to because he has an unrequited crush on her. He awkwardly comes up to Heather and her friends, Model 1 and 2, and asks Heather why she moved up to Washington Heights. She isn’t the sharpest and asks where? He says, “This neighborhood.” She replies, “Oh, WeOFwa.” This is her and her friends’ made up acronym which they think he is the biggest idiot ever for not knowing. I’ll take it!

After they lit the scene and set up the camera, the director blocked us and we ran through the lines a few times. Then we started shooting!IMG_0399Sam was amazing and took pictures which he sent me.IMG_0398

We did it so many times! Then they moved the camera probably 4 times to get close ups of all of us – even me! This 8 line scene took about 45 minutes.IMG_0400 IMG_0402We got to talk a lot during that time and it was really fun!IMG_0404I maybeeee stared at that boy all night. Am I too obvious? I mean, look at that face! He is the guy who plays Scott and he is incredibly nice. Sam rained on my parade later telling me he has a girlfriend. Wah wah.IMG_0407Sam was very nice to get a close-up of me taking my star turn!

The director told me afterwards that he thought I was really funny. He said that if looks could kill, the guy who was Scott would be dead. See, I am a good actress!

We did one more scene, but it was not as great as this one. We were done by around 11. Before I left, they came up to me and had me sign a SAG agreement because I had a line! That doesn’t mean I’m in the union now, but I only need to do something like this 2 more times in order to be. So my teasing earlier was actually kind of right! I don’t think I would really want to join SAG because it’s expensive and I don’t think I’ll be doing more film, but it’s nice to earn a point. And I got paid because of that one glorious line too. That was an unexpected surprise!

That was a fantastic night. Who would have thought my first filming ever would fall into my lap? Pretty great! I realize the odds of this actually getting on TV is probably very slim, but I’ll let you know if it does. Oh, how fun, I’m a TV actress now! Watch out for Model #1!

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One Response to Day 21: My Star Turn!

  1. Cathy O'Brien says:

    You are so lucky! I see big things in Model #1’s future 🙂

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