Day 16: An Early St. Patrick’s Day Miracle

Today there was an early St. Paddy’s Day miracle: it snowed! Oh, I’m so happy! I am dreading the heat and humidity of NY in the summer. I wish it could just stay like this forever. Everyone looks cuter in winter clothes.

I worked this morning and I am so tired. Maybe I shouldn’t have seen the second movie last night, but oh well. I liked both movies even though there were moments of Oz that were laughable. My friend Shiloh is going to come over in about an hour to have a movie night which sounds perfect. I was going to start blogging about Prague, but I think I will nap instead before she gets here. I think I earned it. So here’s a picture that made me stop in my tracks, horrified.IMG_0374What the hell!? In what world is this ok?! Who is the target audience of this ad? I’m so grossed out. You’re welcome.

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