Engrish I Ruv

Engrish as defined by foreign performers at Tokyo Disney Resort: the use of the English language by Japanese companies to print on signs and shirts combined with the blatant disregard for English speaking proofreaders. This combination leads to many laughs and very often a tilted head, narrowed eyes, and the unanswered, “What?!” Also included are some random signs that I love. Enjoy!There’s nothing worse for Japanese people than being embarrassed. I love a good threatening sign. That IS what people look like when smoke hits them. At least that’s what I look like.Now there’s a creative no smoking sign!The one on the bottom: No lounging in shrines.This is an ad for cell phones. Obviously.Lost in Translation for real. Substitute Tommy Lee Jones for Bill Murray and coffee for whiskey and you’ve nailed it.Do WHAT again? I wonder.I found the Japanese Colonel Sanders right next to a KFC. Coincidence?I hope this is promoting the literacy of dogs. I like my dogs to be well read.

The next 3 are sadly all from the same place.

Does it?This sounds inappropriate.You’ve got to ration the inform. There’s not enough to go around. Not an Engrish sign, but if you’d like to dress your dog as Nicki Minaj, I’ve got the place for you!Or Woody! These are from a store specifically for dog clothing. How wonderful!This reminds me of Family Guy with Mayor Bee. Free honey for everyone!What the hell is she advertising in her cat tail and ears?Hot ice: a phenomenon known only in Japan.Nope.What what WHAT is the picture on the bottom left?! That’s a pretty invasive bathroom if you ask me. And does this actually happen right next to the babies as the pictures suggest?Every month McDonald’s had a different “American” burger that was always huge and made absolutely no sense. Spot on America. I’m happy to see Arizona is being well represented.This is a breakfast item from McDonald’s. Mmmboy!Another McDonald’s oops. You’d think that such a large company wouldn’t let this slide, but I’m glad they did.

Hm.Take some acid and design a purse!Thanks for wearing this at Disneyland.What happened to cause this sign to be posted? I just imagine someone getting injured by trying to mount a toilet backwards.Who doesn’t want to see some Cat Magic?Don’t you do it! Don’t you touch those poultry droppings!Wow.I never turn down a challenge.Chocorate tastes better than chocolate.

I love the next series of signs. Every month the subway had a new caution sign starring animals that have very little to do with the teeeeeny message written on the bottom.

“Please do not put your belongings on the seat next to you.”“Please consider the people around you when you consider eating or drinking on the train.” That’s a lot of consideration.“If you are standing near the doors, please make way for alighting passengers.”“Please be aware that applying make-up on the train may be bothersome to others.” Just be aware, ok?“Even if you’ve had a few drinks, please don’t lie down on the train seat.” I am convinced that one was specifically made for us.“Please be careful not to lean against the person sitting next to you should you fall asleep.” How are you supposed to do that if you’re asleep?“Please be considerate of passengers around you when using your mobile phone.”The best! “Please take your time when you ride the train.” Huh?

Another subway series that had me in stitches. This is once again a cell phone ad, but I couldn’t tell you how it has anything to do with phones.

Those get me every time. Who came up with this campaign?! I love them!

Before I present my top 3 pictures, I want to show the other side of the coin. We all think we’re so funny laughing at Engrish, but it’s not surprising to find out that we do the exact same thing.This shirt was probably trying to say “Samurai” but with one line off, it actually reads “Hemorrhoids”. I wonder how many people are unknowingly walking around with Japanese tattoos that say “I’m an asshole” instead of the intended “Hope” or “Love”.

And now to my Top 3 favorite signs in Japan.

I love their naive racism.I’ll have 1 please.

And finally:

Don’t miss the Fuckin’ Sale! I just can’t believe it. Arigato, Japan.

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One Response to Engrish I Ruv

  1. Rose Bigley says:

    These photos are priceless! Thank you so much for sharing them. I love your funny comments too!

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